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What to do if you’re stood up on a first date: 5 Rules to follow

I really liked him though, so I thought that I would give it a shot a few times.

Dating Over 40: Getting Stood Up: internet dating stood up

I met him on oasis a year and a half ago. We got talking, and he organized to meet in the next week or two later. When it was organized, the next day I sent him a message, when I had gotten ready to leave, no reply. I didn't send a internet dating stood up back. A few days later, I sent him a message saying hey, he messaged back, yet I didn't ask what happened, I wanted to give him the opportunity to give me an explanation as to what happened and he did.

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I know that it was a shitty arse excuse, but I just listened. The reason why I didn't want to bring anything up was because I didn't want to look like a psycho?

If you could call it that? And I wanted him to see that I didn't really internet dating stood up, when I did. So I just said a few words, he said a few words and then after that, nothing. After a while, I said hello to him, I get nothing, I would of known if he had of seen it if facebook had, had marked the message as seen in messages then, so I don't know if he had of seen it, but I reckon he did.

After a while of trying to talk to him, I decided to delete him. After a few months, I get a internet dating stood up on my phone saying, hey, why did you delete me, how rude lol. I said, oh, well, you never spoke to me so that's why I did, I'll add you back Then the same thing happened, when he just didn't talk to me much, if he did, it was only a few words.

I'm sure that he just wanted to see all the pictures I put up, so I deleted him again after a while. One day I decided to check his facebook, to see that he has a girl friend now? I didn't know how long he had been seeing her, but they were engaged.

Anyway, I left it for a bit and after a while, as I predicted, they broke up. A few days later, I sent him a friend request, and he said sent a smile, so I did too.

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Now here's where it internet datings stood up allllll over again, I know, I'm an idiot, I should of known that it may happen again, but I am not one to give up. He messaged me after a while with a smile, then we got talking. He told me that I missed out big time, but you blocked me or deleted me, and I said, well, I thought that you couldn't be bothered with me anymore.

Then as we got into conversation, he said something that made my ears prick up, and I said, well, is there interest? He said yeah, there always has been, if there was no interest, I would never of met you.

What to Do If You Get Stood Up on a Date, Glamour

Anyway, that made me feel good, because I have always kinda liked him. So that told me that he likes me still. So I thought, oh sweet, maybe he has changed a bit? Because the last time we organized to meet, he didn't get back to me, this happened a few times, but I just saw it as him being shy or he couldn't be arsed coming all the way down after work, but he didn't send me.

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