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24 Best Online Dating Apps 2019

Log in to App Store Connect.

Next, click on the 'My Apps' button to go to the overview of your apps. Since this is the first time you will be uploading and publishing your app, a new app listing needs to be created.


After that, a new window will pop up and ask you for several details about your new app listing. Select the iOS check box. Enter a unique name into the "Name" field. If you enter a name that has already been used in the App Store or registered by another developer, the name field will turn red and give an error.

Don't Use The LinkedIn Mobile App Without Knowing These Tips: linked up dating app name

Choose a primary language for your app listing. Choose the Bundle ID you created earlier for this app, you can click on the drop-down menu and find your Bundle ID in the list.

Finally, enter an SKU — this is meant as a "code identifier", however, it is not really important for publishing. Simply entering the App Name in all capitals, followed by a number is sufficient. Then click on 'Create'.

Your app listing should be created now and you will be taken to the App Information section. You will see your app name and Bundle ID, your app's newly created and assigned Apple ID number and a few fields on the right that need filling in.

This can be found here: After making these changes, click on 'Save' in the top-right of the window to save your work before going to the next section.

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Next, click on 'Pricing and Availability' in the left menu. Here you will select the 'zero' price for your app and the countries your app will be available in.

Feeld – Date open-minded couples & singles near you. ❤️

By default, your app will be available in all countries. This is normal and fine. If you choose to limit the availability of your app to your country, this is at your own risk for the adoption of your app and the support response time by DoubleDutch. These are the countries we operate out of. Click on 'Save' in the top-right to save your work.

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First, you can upload the splash screen images and screenshots of your app into the screenshot area. You can drag and drop the images into the field. As you can see above the field, there are tabs for iPhone and iPad. Each device requires at least two images and of certain dimensions.

Important to Know

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See the Annex below for a list of the dimension requirements of each device. Drag the two images into the field, then click on the next device tab to do the same for that device. When you are finished, click on 'Save' to save your work before continuing to the next section.

Next, you can fill in the "Description" field.

15 Alternative Dating Apps To Tinder

Beware; there are some limitations to this field. In the "Keywords" field, you can enter the app name and event name as default terms. Continue.

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