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How to get to know someone you are dating

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Interesting Dating Questions to Get to Know Someone Better

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By Elana Rubin May 10 The best part about dating is not knowing what the other person is feeling. Just kidding, that's definitely not fun, and not something I rack my brain thinking over with whomever I'm dating.

If You're Dating But Not Sure If You Want A Relationship, Here's What To Do

Those early days of getting to know someone are tough: What should you do if you're dating but not sure if you want a relationship? Talk to the person, see if you share a connection.

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While you may be just as curious about whether or not your date likes you, check in on your own feelings. Is it worth exploring further to you?

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She explains that you're not tricking someone or being malicious by not being sure in the beginning of the dating process with that person. They'll be sure to appreciate your honesty, even if it's not exactly what they want to hear.

Get To Know Someone Before You Start A Relationship

And hey, maybe the person you're dating is actually on the same page as you in terms of relationships. Maybe your purpose is to explore different types of connections.

Or to flirt and have fun. Or to learn more about how you relate to others.

how to get to know someone better

Whatever it is, consider your purpose your focus. What will you uncover?

So don't immediately send a first message on a dating app saying, "I'm not looking for a relationship right now," because yes, that's a tad presumptuous on what the other person may be looking for. After several dates, if you two keep hanging out, and you are still unsure, then it may be time to vocalize where you see the future for the two of you. Do you just want to hook up? Do you want to be friends?

300 Questions To Get To Know Someone - how to get to know someone you are dating

Do you actually want a relationship with that person? Eventually, you should discuss what it is you see between you and that person.

And if you at first just want to hook up, but then get the Dreaded Feelings, you should probably share that information too. This way, you'll avoid any unnecessary hurt that continuing a physical-only relationship, if you want a romantic one too, could cause.

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