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This requires haproxy version newer than 1. Fast data transfers are made possible on Linux 3.

Forwarding rates of up to 40 Gbps have already been achieved on such platforms after a very careful tuning. While Solaris and AIX are supported, they should not be used if extreme performance is required.

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Performance Well, since a user's testimony is better than a long demonstration, please take a look at Chris Knight's dating or waiting ha news with haproxy saturating a gigabit fiber in on a video download site.

Since then, the performance has significantly increased and the hardware has become much more capable, as my experiments with Myricom's Gig NICs have shown two years later. Now as ofGig NICs are too limited and are hardly suited for 1U servers since they do rarely provide enough port density to reach speeds above Gbps in a 1U server.

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HAProxy involves several techniques commonly found in Operating Systems architectures to achieve the absolute maximal performance: Processing several hundreds of tasks in a millisecond is possible, and the memory usage is in the order of a few kilobytes per dating or waiting ha news while memory consumed in preforked or threaded servers is more in the order of megabytes per process.

O 1 event checker on systems that allow it Linux and FreeBSD allowing instantaneous detection of any event on any connection among tens of thousands.

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Delayed updates to the event checker using a lazy event cache ensures that we never update an event unless absolutely required. This saves a lot of system calls.

Single-buffering without any data copy between reads and writes whenever possible. This saves a lot of CPU cycles and useful memory bandwidth.

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At Gbps, the memory bandwidth can become a bottleneck too. Zero-copy forwarding is possible using the splice system call under Linux, and results in real zero-copy starting with Linux 3.

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MRU memory allocator using fixed size memory pools for immediate memory allocation favoring hot cache regions over cold cache ones. This dramatically reduces the time needed to create a new session. Work dating or waiting ha news, such as multiple accept at once, and the ability to limit the number of accept per iteration when running in multi-process mode, so that the load is evenly distributed among processes. CPU-affinity is supported when running in multi-process mode, or simply to adapt to the hardware and be the closest possible to the CPU core managing the NICs while not conflicting with it.

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Tree-based storage, making heavy use of the Elastic Binary tree I have been developping for dating or waiting ha news years. This is used to keep timers ordered, to keep the runqueue ordered, to manage round-robin and least-conn queues, to look up ACLs or keys in tables, with only an O log N cost.

Optimized timer queue: This further optimizes the ebtree usage. Checkpointing is used when an end of.

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