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The Buzzfeed article that The Act is based on reported that Gypsy Rose did indeed have a secret Facebook account under the name Emma Rose, just like in the show.

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She often used the account to talk to Woodmansee about boys, and to talk to boys. It's through that account that Gypsy revealed to Woodmansee that she'd been secretly dating Nicholas Godejohn pictured on the right — he is not the guy from the fan convention.

He eventually carried out the plan to murder Gypsy's mom and was s entenced to life in prison. FanOptiCon isn't real, and there's no confirmation that Gypsy ever specifically met someone dressed as Wolverine, but she did dating online tv show history an older man at a convention in Buzzfeed reported that Gypsy had meet a year-old man at a sci-fi convention and they started talking online shortly after meeting this man is not Godejohn, who she later met online.

Advertisement In The Act: Gypsy did frequently dress up like Disney princesses, and there's even a photo on her joint Facebook account with her mom that shows her cosplaying Cinderella.

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There's no reports of what Gypsy was wearing to the convention, but ABC News reported that when Gypsy first met Godejohn in person she wore a Cinderella dating online tv show history and he wore a Prince Charming one. There's no proof this specific thing happened in real life, but Buzzfeed reported that in her next relationship, Gypsy and Godejohn frequently took pictures of themselves in costume. In The Act, Gypsy ran away after she realized her mother had been lying about her birthdate and that Gypsy was much older than she'd been led to believe.

In the show, she accompanies Scott to his home which he shares with a roommate. It's there that the two kiss. Buzzfeed reported that Gypsy was found alone with the year-old sci-fi convention-goer, but it was in his hotel room.

There aren't any reports detailing whether or not they engaged in kissing or anything else. In real life, according to Buzzfeed, Dee Dee reportedly showed the man papers that said Gypsy was a dating online tv show history. Dee Dee had been telling people that Gypsy was 15 at the time, but she was really In the show, Dee Dee hisses to a stunned Scott that Gypsy is just The Act has yet to show the full fallout from Gypsy's escape attempt, but, if it follows real life, the show is about to get even.

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